Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

“We believe women are a strong force of change”

While working in a society where 48.5% of the population is shared with women, we have realized that one of the major roles in the development of a child is played by the woman of the house. If we are able to bring women empowerment to each and every household, the majority of the problems will be solved. Therefore, our other focus here is making women more independent not only economically but also emotionally and financially. Here, financial empowerment includes where women are able to make decisions independently as to where they want to spend and not just how they earn.

We equip women with the knowledge that she’s capable of anything she sets their minds like most men are bought up to face the challenge at every stage of life and not just to accept it as it is. We enable them to be decision-makers and take responsibility for their life.

Through different awareness programs, we make women familiar with their legal rights and how they must advocate for themselves. We introduce the concept of zero FIR, the presence of woman police officers at every police station, medical examination, attendance before the police officer, and all other common problems, women generally face while approaching the police for help.

We organize seminars and training sessions where in we raise sensitive issues relating to the everyday harassment a woman faces especially in public areas, and how should they act in order to avoid any harm to them. We train them to raise their voice against any act that is disrespectful to them and enhance their confidence to act in critical situations instead of being panicked.

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women”

We make self-support groups among women who share common problems and give them a platform where they can discuss and train them to arrive at solutions. We promote self-support groups so that even if our organization leaves these villages; they are self-sufficient to help themselves.

We, after identifying, take counseling sessions for women who are unable to move out of trauma they once faced at any point in time. We acknowledge them with specialized mental therapies, which can heal an individual from such trauma. We try to light their faith in life and the belief that how they can concentrate on today rather than thinking and taking revenge on the past.

If not me. Who? If not now. When?