Child Development

Child Development

Our primary focus is on the overall development of a child from basic hygiene to the skill development. As per the data, 17% of the children enrolled in primary school, dropout at secondary level, not just because of the financial crisis but because of the lack of interest. Our organization aims to develop an interest in the students to continue their education by making it more interesting. For us education does not limit itself in books therefore, we focus on developing critical thinking in children embedding them with moral values and skills essential for personal development.

Child Development Involves all the aspects

Moral Values

Student Engagement

Social-Emotional Learning

Life Skills

Safe Environment

Academic Knowledge


Academic Growth

Education forms the basis of all societies. It is generally responsible for the economic, social, and political growth and development of society. The thread of social growth depends on the quality of education provided. India has raised its current literacy rate of 74.04% (2021) from 12% at the time of independence in 1947.


Overall 74.04%
Female 82.14%
Male 65.46%

“Our goal is to help children across India, aiming to achieve 100% literacy”

Extracurricular Growth

If we try to compare a bird with a fish, the parameter on who can swim fast won’t be the correct comparing aspect. Not everyone might be good with academics but everyone is good with something. Once a kid crosses the threshold of a certain age limit they are capable of deciding in which domain they wish to make a career. Here we provide exposure to children in their choice of domain and with proper guidance from mentors which helps them in making the best choices for their future.

Moral Growth

Moral development refers to the process by which children develop standards of good and evil in society based on social and cultural norms and laws.

  • Children go through stages of moral development, but unlike physical growth, moral growth does not occur without parental input.
  • To grow into a morally healthy person, children must be given a solid foundation at every stage.