Hope Model

People go through terrible pain, and yet we conquer it all with solidarity. Pain is everywhere in the world. Children, living in poverty, are barely able to fill their stomachs. Women, carry the pain of suffering, abuse, and mistreatment.

At Pranyas, we try to take away people's pain and replace it with HOPE. HOPE for the future, happiness, and a good life. A small effort is all that it takes to ignite the fire of HOPE. The irreplaceable joy of spreading happiness is all that one needs. The smile of a hungry child after a sumptuous meal, the smile of a girl as she puts her first step in a school, the smile of an old woman receiving help from a stranger.

This is what keeps us all going. Not the pain, not the suffering, but the HOPE.

HOPE Model is an initiative designed for children with fewer opportunities like financial strain, lack of resources, and are motivated towards education.

HOPE Model focuses on providing the opportunity to grow by providing financial support and developing the vicinity along with the development using renewable resources, bringing sustainable solutions

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