Health Checkup Necessity

Prevention is better than cure. A stitch in time saves nine. In some way or the other, we all have been through situations that reminded us of the importance of prevention and how our habit of procrastination has cost us dear. And if it’s about our health and when we are sick, it really hits us hard – we feel bad. This is where the relevance of preventive health care comes in regular health check ups.
Many people ask why the regular check ups are necessary? A generation ago, people used to see their doctor only when they were sick, or dying. But now, the situation is different. In today’s age, the changing lifestyle, stress and pollution levels can lead to health issues for which early check ups are necessary before the problem gets compounded. Diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol levels can begin early in life which, if not detected and intervened in time, can have more serious repercussions later.
Regular check-ups can help find potential health issues before they become a problem. When you see your doctor regularly, they are able to detect health conditions or diseases early. Early detection gives you the best chance for getting the right treatment quickly, avoiding any complications. Many ailments begin without fair warning signals, but if detected early, we can take up corrective actions. These actions can be dietary changes or simply an adjustment in lifestyle without the need for medical intervention.

Author: Deepti Goyal
(Pranyas Development Foundation Volunteer)